This page answers the most frequently asked questions.

Does Nextnews work without Nextcloud?

No. Nextnews is built for Nextcloud News.

I might add support for other services at some point but a standalone reading mode is not planned at the moment.

How is Nextnews being financed?

Nextnews is free but offers you to send tips using In-App-Purchases if you want to support future development.

The money collected this way does not cover development costs and I will offer paid features in the future. All currently available features will stay free and any kind of pro or plus-version is not gonna nag you too much to get it.

You will always have a good experience for free.

Is my data safe with Nextnews?

Yes. Nextnews is not sending sensitive information like your Nextcloud login token to me or third parties. All the data processing happens on your Nextcloud instance and your local device. Furthermore, I’m using device-native cryptographic functions (like keychain services on iOS) to securely store the token.

I’m using sentry to receive debug logs, when the app crashes but you have to opt into this kind of data collection when you first start Nextnews and you can opt out at any time on the settings page. The data I get through sentry does not include any information that might identify you or give me access to your server.

Is Nextnews open source?

No, the repository is not publicly available yet but you can get access if you request it using the feedback form here to send me a message. Please include your Github username or email.

How can I support the development?

You can either send a tip as an In-App-Purchase through the app or help with the development by signing up as a beta tester and reporting bugs.

Will there be an Android version?

Yes. Eventually there will be. Nextnews is developed using React Native and already runs pretty well on Android. The initial focus of Nextnews however is iOS since there’s no official Nextcloud News app available for iOS and there was much more of a need to fill the gap.

If you are on Android I suggest you use the official Nextcloud News app for now – it’s really good.

Releasing Nextnews for Android comes with a set of challenges. There’s no unified App Store as on iOS and making In-App-Purchases available for every single store requires a lot of work with little potential for a return on the time invested. Yes, I could just put it on the Google Play Store and call it a day but I’d really like to use Nextnews on Windows as well when Android app support arrives, so I’ll also have to target the Amazon AppStore too.

For now I like to keep app distribution and support simple.

When will Feature X be available?

I work on Nextnews in my spare time, so it’s hard to tell when a certain feature will be available.

Furthermore there’s usually a roadmap ahead that I might make public in the future, so a feature can’t just be fit in with the next release as doing this might cause more work in the future.

Your question is still unanswered?

Feel free to use the feedback form and ask ahead. I’ll try to respond quickly and I might even add your question above so that others can find the answer more quickly.